img9The Goal of The Ventura County Lincoln Club is to make our county the most Republican by registration and representation in the state of California. Our pursuit of this goal is evident in our constant effort to find and register every Republican in Ventura County and by assuring that every registered Republican voter in Ventura County is reminded to vote on Election Day. We will stop at nothing less than one hundred percent Republican representation for Ventura County at the State and Federal level and will continue to enthusiastically work to achieve a majority Republican representation on every council, commission and board in Ventura County.

We do this by supporting organizations and individuals participating in registering Republican voters in Ventura County. We encourage and assist organizations that provide get-out-the-vote efforts on Election Day. We provide financial support to Republican candidates in partisan and non-partisan elections. We research issues and supporting or opposing initiatives to assure the future quality of life and economic prosperity in Ventura County. We communicate with other Republican organizations and supporting consistent Republican philosophy and ideals. We constantly keep the ideals of our forefathers, and the interests of Republicans in Ventura county at the hearth of the Lincoln Club.

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